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human creativity 2.0

Ok, before this blog goes off to blogheaven or -hell, I’d like to bring you some cool stuff I found this morning over at crunchgear. A japanese band called ‘Sour’ – never heard of them before; actually I think I don’t know even one japanese band at all šŸ˜¦ – has made a musicvideo entirely cut together of an orchastrated sequence of fan-webcam-action – pretty amazing stuff. It must have been a hell of job to edit this piece of art – but watch for your self…

On top of that, I found another interestig musical endevour in the comments section of the aforementioned crunchgear post. As I’m not a music expert, I can’t explain the stunt and so I won’t even try to bug you with unknowingness. Just enjoy it here.


BREAKING NEWS!!! media flu kills journalistic reason and responsibility

we have several reports from serious sources, that a machiavelistic virus, a.k.a. media fluĀ  is spreading around the allready decaying body of journalists arround the planet, killing their usually naturaly given reason and responsibility within their profession – or waht’s barely left of it. important issues of thisĀ  planet seem to be in the hands of journalistic zombies from now on and no reliable remedy is at hand right now to put a hold to it. a handfull of experts in the blogosphere are working their asses of to find an effective medication to stop that viral madness but right now the only thing the attentive citizen can do, is to protect him self the best he can from jouranlistic contributions from these zombies by staying away from main media publications until a solution is found by our best and finest. there are reports that a handfull of these zombies were cought and put in to quarantine to cure them with some newley developed remedies – the effects seem promising – but we also allready had some casualties so please be aware and stay away of journalistic concoction that shows symptoms of ‘lack of knowledge’ and ‘applied reason’ to prevent continued spreading.

…oh, and the swine flu. yeah right! I think this graph shows it all.

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