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Boat That Rocked

We rarely advise anybody to head over to the cinema. Nowadays cinema´s at home as you all know. 😉 But today I´d like to recommend you a great flick: The Boat That Rocked. Funny as hell with an uncomparable cast including Nick Frost, Philip Seymour Hoffman and many more.

The Boat That Rocked

What makes the movie even more special is the soundtrack. It comes as a 2CD package with a bunch of songs all from the 60s and 70s (except one tune from Duffy) and is very well put together. Unfortunately there´s no vinyl version. 😦



mobile computing on steroids

this morning I bring you something completely off topic, but as I assume that you wouldn’t read this article if you weren’t at least a bit of a mobile computing aficionado, I do it anyway. remember always complaining about start-up times with your xp- or vista-machine and always craving for a new faster one – forget about all that shit! now u can put your 3-4 years old notebook on steroids, speeding things up in no time. a very nasty bottle neck of computing are the read/write speeds of your harddrive. your superfast dual core heart can only go as  fast as your harddrive supplies it with data, to cut it short – every one knew that before 😉   it has been an open secret that you can improve speeds by changing from a ordinary HDD to a quality SSD, but up till now manufacturers of SSDs have focused on the transfer speeds of big files data blocks (out of marketing reasons? like mega-pixel-race?) neglecting the ones for really small blocks – but that’s were the speed hides as it seems. now RUNCORE a manufacturer of SSDs has made official a super fast SSD tackling that problem with mind blowing results. jkk of jkkmobile shows us the astonishing difference this makes. remember he tests the new SSD on a really slow netbook with a creeping atom heart and an even worse chipset with actually almost no graphic power in comparison to ordinary notebooks. To put the results into a punch line in the spirit of this blog: in comparison to the SSD shown in the vid after the break, all the other HDDs and SSDs are totally 😀   Lean back and enjoy the show….

I think it’s time to remove the dust from your old laptop, decaying somewhere in the basement 😀


BREAKING NEWS!!! media flu kills journalistic reason and responsibility

we have several reports from serious sources, that a machiavelistic virus, a.k.a. media flu  is spreading around the allready decaying body of journalists arround the planet, killing their usually naturaly given reason and responsibility within their profession – or waht’s barely left of it. important issues of this  planet seem to be in the hands of journalistic zombies from now on and no reliable remedy is at hand right now to put a hold to it. a handfull of experts in the blogosphere are working their asses of to find an effective medication to stop that viral madness but right now the only thing the attentive citizen can do, is to protect him self the best he can from jouranlistic contributions from these zombies by staying away from main media publications until a solution is found by our best and finest. there are reports that a handfull of these zombies were cought and put in to quarantine to cure them with some newley developed remedies – the effects seem promising – but we also allready had some casualties so please be aware and stay away of journalistic concoction that shows symptoms of ‘lack of knowledge’ and ‘applied reason’ to prevent continued spreading.

…oh, and the swine flu. yeah right! I think this graph shows it all.


I like to move it, move it!

Yesterday I’ve been doing some light browsing through the endless spaces of the digital millenium, and guess what I found? Check this fellas:

I desperately need one of those! Aren’t they adorable little creatures? They are called loris and are somekind of really slow moving primates found in madagascar central africa and some places else on this planet. The little fella with the big staring eyes in the animated movie Madagascar was one of those I suppose 😀


Apparently the fella in the previous vid isn’t actually a ‘fella’ since  she’s a lady called Sonya and after the break u’ll see some crazy feeding action with her. Damn it, if these little creatures weren’t endangered and on the UN watchlist I would definitely try to get one. 🙂 Enjoy…


B.o.p.o of the 18th week

This weeks award goes out to Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. No questions made. This tight duo deserves all the honour.

Uli & Kalle

Uli & Kalle

Hoeneß and Rummenigge are both in charge of the bundesliga side Bayern Munich. Today they fired their headcoach Jürgen Klinsmann just 5 games before the end of the season due to a lack of success. In fact Klinsmann´s just the fall guy.

Both Hoeneß and Rummenigge are the ones to be blamed for the constant downfall of the record champion. They failed to improve the team with quality players. Instead they attracted average players with exorbitant salaries. The pay-off for Klinsmann´s whole team will be substantial and lowers Bayern´s options to invest in next season´s team.

Jupp Heynckes is now installed as Bayern´s caretaker manager. This guy had some success as a head coach in spain. However in his most recent bundesliga stations he attracted attention by constant failure. Besides he´s been on a hiatus for a couple of years now.

Good luck guys. You´ll need it to secure the tickets for next season´s Europa League.


hey timmy…

… you wanna see a real keeper who’s got balls? check this:

…and here is one in slo-mo, just for you timmy:


Pussied out lately???

In honour of the greatest goalkeeper of history:

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