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mobile computing on steroids

this morning I bring you something completely off topic, but as I assume that you wouldn’t read this article if you weren’t at least a bit of a mobile computing aficionado, I do it anyway. remember always complaining about start-up times with your xp- or vista-machine and always craving for a new faster one – forget about all that shit! now u can put your 3-4 years old notebook on steroids, speeding things up in no time. a very nasty bottle neck of computing are the read/write speeds of your harddrive. your superfast dual core heart can only go as  fast as your harddrive supplies it with data, to cut it short – every one knew that before 😉   it has been an open secret that you can improve speeds by changing from a ordinary HDD to a quality SSD, but up till now manufacturers of SSDs have focused on the transfer speeds of big files data blocks (out of marketing reasons? like mega-pixel-race?) neglecting the ones for really small blocks – but that’s were the speed hides as it seems. now RUNCORE a manufacturer of SSDs has made official a super fast SSD tackling that problem with mind blowing results. jkk of jkkmobile shows us the astonishing difference this makes. remember he tests the new SSD on a really slow netbook with a creeping atom heart and an even worse chipset with actually almost no graphic power in comparison to ordinary notebooks. To put the results into a punch line in the spirit of this blog: in comparison to the SSD shown in the vid after the break, all the other HDDs and SSDs are totally 😀   Lean back and enjoy the show….

I think it’s time to remove the dust from your old laptop, decaying somewhere in the basement 😀


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