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Timmy anticipating new pomade sources:

"Is this a vessel full of pomade?"

"Is this a vessel full of pomade?"


mobile computing on steroids

this morning I bring you something completely off topic, but as I assume that you wouldn’t read this article if you weren’t at least a bit of a mobile computing aficionado, I do it anyway. remember always complaining about start-up times with your xp- or vista-machine and always craving for a new faster one – forget about all that shit! now u can put your 3-4 years old notebook on steroids, speeding things up in no time. a very nasty bottle neck of computing are the read/write speeds of your harddrive. your superfast dual core heart can only go as  fast as your harddrive supplies it with data, to cut it short – every one knew that before 😉   it has been an open secret that you can improve speeds by changing from a ordinary HDD to a quality SSD, but up till now manufacturers of SSDs have focused on the transfer speeds of big files data blocks (out of marketing reasons? like mega-pixel-race?) neglecting the ones for really small blocks – but that’s were the speed hides as it seems. now RUNCORE a manufacturer of SSDs has made official a super fast SSD tackling that problem with mind blowing results. jkk of jkkmobile shows us the astonishing difference this makes. remember he tests the new SSD on a really slow netbook with a creeping atom heart and an even worse chipset with actually almost no graphic power in comparison to ordinary notebooks. To put the results into a punch line in the spirit of this blog: in comparison to the SSD shown in the vid after the break, all the other HDDs and SSDs are totally 😀   Lean back and enjoy the show….

I think it’s time to remove the dust from your old laptop, decaying somewhere in the basement 😀


minion vs. royal highness (internal b.o.)

well, well, well… seems we have a dying blog here and my dear co-autor (a.k.a his highness) has abandoned his at the beginning so adored baby. He is(?) (has been?) responsible for the sports section and I can’t really understand him not contributing anything as we had some great HSV games to cover in the last couple of days and weeks… but no! …he’s totally like a little chicken! but what can I do? I’ m just the little minion of his ‘royal highness’ without any kind of executive power to kick his fat ass back to work…

…..ohh…  I’m sorry my godgiven highness

(loud screaming and swearing)

yes, your highness, I will kick myself in the butt, your highness!!!

(continued swearing)

yes your highness, I am a sleazy little worm not worth your presence


First internal p.o.

Hello guys,

guess what just happened minutes ago. We got our first internal p.o brought to you by roundcubicle. 😀 Come on… Is that serious? For sure it is. We haven´t even posted our first proper p.o. when an internal just dropped.

Here´s the story: A small vehicle – was that even a car anyway?!? – was right in front of us creeping along the streets. We could have overtaken that obstacle. The conditions were perfect including a V8 engine and a perfect straight road. But instead of getting the job done mr. roundcubicle completely poed. 😀


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