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Timmy anticipating new pomade sources:

"Is this a vessel full of pomade?"

"Is this a vessel full of pomade?"


Live Blogging HSV

Bundesliga – Day 32

Currently I´m watching the match between HSV and Vfl Bochum and decided to live blog it.

HSV goes ahead with a fantastic goal by Paolo Guerrero in minute 15.

The english commentator has his funny day:

“He was so late. He wouldn´t have arrived in the second half.” (Following a foul from D. Klimowicz where the ball was already miles away. :D)

“Hamburg´s in the lead but Bochum are tough fighters. They know how it works at the other side of the table.” (Analyzing the match properly. :D)

Ivica Olic scored the second goal for Hamburg after a corner kick by Dennis Aogo.

Halftime. Good game by HSV. They are willing to take their last chance and secure tickets for next season´s Europa League.

2nd half just started. No substitutions on Hamburg´s side.

“Demo” sucks by the way. Still atdhe is doing a good job today. 😉

“Guerrero. Very brazilian.” (After a nice dribbling by Paolo.)

Nice freekick by Aogo on the target. Saved. Aogo with a very good match today.

GOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL!!! Ivica Olic scoring his second goal with a hammer bringing HSV 3-0 ahead.

Paolo Guerrero is out being substituted by Mladen Petric. And Petric immediately shows his skills with a good header on our own goal. 😀

Dennis Aogo is really good on position 6 replacing Jarolim.

Did Bochum just score a goal. No no. I just had a hallucination. 😀

Troche is in replacing Albert Streit.

Timothy Atouba out – Jonathan Pitroipa in.

One of Bochum´s players just got a yellow card for “wise cracking with the referee”. 😀

“Ivica Olic. He can run all day.” (Nice one.)

HSV won 3-0 over Vfl Bochum. We´re back on track. 🙂



B.o.p.o of the 18th week

This weeks award goes out to Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. No questions made. This tight duo deserves all the honour.

Uli & Kalle

Uli & Kalle

Hoeneß and Rummenigge are both in charge of the bundesliga side Bayern Munich. Today they fired their headcoach Jürgen Klinsmann just 5 games before the end of the season due to a lack of success. In fact Klinsmann´s just the fall guy.

Both Hoeneß and Rummenigge are the ones to be blamed for the constant downfall of the record champion. They failed to improve the team with quality players. Instead they attracted average players with exorbitant salaries. The pay-off for Klinsmann´s whole team will be substantial and lowers Bayern´s options to invest in next season´s team.

Jupp Heynckes is now installed as Bayern´s caretaker manager. This guy had some success as a head coach in spain. However in his most recent bundesliga stations he attracted attention by constant failure. Besides he´s been on a hiatus for a couple of years now.

Good luck guys. You´ll need it to secure the tickets for next season´s Europa League.


yiepieh yah yeah schweinebacke…

…seems as his royal highness broke out from the hazy and phlegmatic world of the sirens and is back for good with us mortals. Must have been hard to leave all these sexy sirens, the lust and all this dainty behind for the ungrateful existance as a ruler of the ordinary and grace us with your enlightenment about last weekends HSV game… respect buddy… ehmm… I mean your royal highness.

…but may I remind his royal highness of todays game vs. Leverkusen Bremen (sorry for that! I’m just a little ahead of the curve :D) – your minions expect an entertaining piece of art spirited by your highness widely known genius.

…reality bites!!!   …let’s hope we won’t see his highness to soon packing his stuff out of frustration, hurrying for his yacht and heading back to his beloved sirens! 😀


The refs rule the bundesliga!

Bundesliga – Day 28

The last matchday brought no significant changes at the top of the table. The top five clubs all won their games. However some of them needed their help from the referees! HSV is currently on third position still three points behind the top spot.

HSV won their game against the Small HSV a.k.a. Hannover 96 2-1 despite two hair-raising decisions by referee Markus Schmidt. First of all he gave a penalty kick for H96 due to a handball by Guy Demel. Technically speaking no incorrect decision. But a referee should know the difference between deliberate and accidental handball. Afterwards he stole Jonathan Pitroipa´s goal due to offside. Terrible decision. Following the petrodollar sponsored referee at the last UEFA Cup game against Abu Dhabi United it was the second game in a row where our biggest opponent was the referee himself. They should have known better though. Nobody can stop the HSV now.

The top spot is still occupied by VW Wolfsburg. They won their game against Bayer 04 Leverkusen 2-1. You can´t deny that this team plays excellent attacking football. So why do they need help from the referees to win their game anyway. Grafite and Edin Dzeko are both terrific strikers. But they are diving all the time and are getting away with it. In this game it was Grafite´s turn and the referee rewarded it once again with a penalty kick lifting the VW team on the road to victory. Shortly before the end of the game Bayer 04 deserved a handball penalty kick. But the referee already obtained his key for a VW Phaeton so no chance he would acknowledge the handball.

Bayern Munich won 1-0 against Armnia Bielefeld. Enough for head coach Jürgen Klinsmann to party hard but not enough for me to write more about this game.

Tomorrow will see the second semi-final in the DFB Cup between HSV and Werder Bremen. Keep your fingers crossed that the DFB will send out a decent referee who won´t decide the game himself.

This scene happened at last seasons game against Werder. It should be enough motivation for our team to kick this sleazy guy along with hismates out of our beloved Volkspark Stadium:

Tim Sleazy Wiese

Judge yourself but keep in mind that Tim Sleazy Wiese is convinced that Ivica Olic bumbed into him and not vice versa:

Stay tuned!

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