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a tornado and his toy train

Well, for those of you who instinctively and validly asume that big, heavy trains are nothing to mess with, I can assure you, that is still the case. But actually there are forces mother nature has ready, wich are perfectly capable of playing with these trains like little plastic toys. In the following vid you’ll see a mighty american cargo train moving along somewhere in the middle of nowhere of Illinois, if I remember correctly, as suddenly within seconds the sky is getting grey and foggy, the surveillance cam gets pretty wet, trees are bending in the background and things get slightly out of control…

Is this tornado bitching out or what! – and that propane-waggon coming closer and closer afterwards is pretty intimidating! 😀



Can I…

…declare this blog officially deceased? – or is the patient still breathing? doctor?  your opinion?


HSV-FREE ZONE (general b.o.)

From now on till the end of the season I decalre this a HSV-free zone. If  ANYONE tries to post anything only remotely related to the HSV or Pussy Bremen, I will rip it apart in tiny little pieces and haunt the author right into his already shitty dreams – I hope I made my point clear. Trust me, you don’t wanna mess with me at this point, as long as you’r not up for an ugly dance with me.


BREAKING NEWS!!! media flu kills journalistic reason and responsibility

we have several reports from serious sources, that a machiavelistic virus, a.k.a. media flu  is spreading around the allready decaying body of journalists arround the planet, killing their usually naturaly given reason and responsibility within their profession – or waht’s barely left of it. important issues of this  planet seem to be in the hands of journalistic zombies from now on and no reliable remedy is at hand right now to put a hold to it. a handfull of experts in the blogosphere are working their asses of to find an effective medication to stop that viral madness but right now the only thing the attentive citizen can do, is to protect him self the best he can from jouranlistic contributions from these zombies by staying away from main media publications until a solution is found by our best and finest. there are reports that a handfull of these zombies were cought and put in to quarantine to cure them with some newley developed remedies – the effects seem promising – but we also allready had some casualties so please be aware and stay away of journalistic concoction that shows symptoms of ‘lack of knowledge’ and ‘applied reason’ to prevent continued spreading.

…oh, and the swine flu. yeah right! I think this graph shows it all.


yiepieh yah yeah schweinebacke…

…seems as his royal highness broke out from the hazy and phlegmatic world of the sirens and is back for good with us mortals. Must have been hard to leave all these sexy sirens, the lust and all this dainty behind for the ungrateful existance as a ruler of the ordinary and grace us with your enlightenment about last weekends HSV game… respect buddy… ehmm… I mean your royal highness.

…but may I remind his royal highness of todays game vs. Leverkusen Bremen (sorry for that! I’m just a little ahead of the curve :D) – your minions expect an entertaining piece of art spirited by your highness widely known genius.

…reality bites!!!   …let’s hope we won’t see his highness to soon packing his stuff out of frustration, hurrying for his yacht and heading back to his beloved sirens! 😀


minion vs. royal highness (internal b.o.)

well, well, well… seems we have a dying blog here and my dear co-autor (a.k.a his highness) has abandoned his at the beginning so adored baby. He is(?) (has been?) responsible for the sports section and I can’t really understand him not contributing anything as we had some great HSV games to cover in the last couple of days and weeks… but no! …he’s totally like a little chicken! but what can I do? I’ m just the little minion of his ‘royal highness’ without any kind of executive power to kick his fat ass back to work…

…..ohh…  I’m sorry my godgiven highness

(loud screaming and swearing)

yes, your highness, I will kick myself in the butt, your highness!!!

(continued swearing)

yes your highness, I am a sleazy little worm not worth your presence


b.o. of the day: little french cesar gone mad!

So today stated the beginning of the G20 summit in london and everything seemed nicely orchestrated till this little Napoleon le grande gone nuts créme brûlée, threatening all the other puppetmasters to leave them in absence if there were any compromises made on new, harsher rules for the financial markets. Come on buddy, from a visual standpoint you’re basicly already absent for them right now, or how do you explain the fact, that on standing press confereces your head is barely within the frame of all the cams without a… let’s call it in a more sophisticated manner, a ‘hight support system’. I understand the fact that men of a certain size have to shout twice as loud to be heard in the crowd, but this one is serious dude! Menkind is starring in paralysis towards a financial and economic armageddon and all u care about is your ego might get overseen without you firing some rhetorical flares of existance in advance. Well done little fella, you got your deserved attention! – or was that whole thing about immpressing Mrs. Merkel? Isn’t Carla doing her job right or what? And by the way, you might not have noticed, but Angela isn’t really the freshest bunny in town, so why all the buzz? For now I excuse your behavior with the fact that a meeting with 19 other testosteron junkies might blure ones perception of things, but tomorrow just be a nice little boy and play by the rules, just like all the others do – and STOP!!!

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