B.o.p.o of the 18th week

This weeks award goes out to Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. No questions made. This tight duo deserves all the honour.

Uli & Kalle

Uli & Kalle

Hoeneß and Rummenigge are both in charge of the bundesliga side Bayern Munich. Today they fired their headcoach Jürgen Klinsmann just 5 games before the end of the season due to a lack of success. In fact Klinsmann´s just the fall guy.

Both Hoeneß and Rummenigge are the ones to be blamed for the constant downfall of the record champion. They failed to improve the team with quality players. Instead they attracted average players with exorbitant salaries. The pay-off for Klinsmann´s whole team will be substantial and lowers Bayern´s options to invest in next season´s team.

Jupp Heynckes is now installed as Bayern´s caretaker manager. This guy had some success as a head coach in spain. However in his most recent bundesliga stations he attracted attention by constant failure. Besides he´s been on a hiatus for a couple of years now.

Good luck guys. You´ll need it to secure the tickets for next season´s Europa League.


1 Response to “B.o.p.o of the 18th week”

  1. 1 roundcubicle
    April 28, 2009 at 8:31 am

    Hehe… Good choice! Bayern Munich is like an ivy league university for b.o.ing and p.o.ing. Maybe they should consider to focus on their core competency, instead of bothering us with their lame soccer skills. 😀

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