My Tip: 3-0

Well, I think Bremen is in for a treat –  and especially for Diego we emptied the bassin in front of our goal : we’ll see who’s going to take a dive now!


damn it! it’s the eleventh minute and my tip is allradey doomed to fail! do we always have to go the hard way? 😦

21st min.:

the match is gettin’ physical – the fouls are increasing! Werder is playing it the though way!

29th min.:

the HSV is scary harmless and the chances of Werder for the second goal are stacking up! something has to happen!

35th min.:

the Werder players must have taken some classes in flying  – like the italians, barely a tackle and they lift off…

40th min.:

the HSV’s powerplay is missing completely and defence is the name of the game 😦

45th min.:

this ain’t going anywhere: the HSV is craving for the halftime


ok… let’s face it, the HSV isn’t at the top of the game and Jol will have tough job to improve the spirit of our boys for the second half

46th min:

big chance for Pitroipa, the new guy on the field for the HSV in the second half! is it going to be better?

51st min:

nice to see the HSV showing more drag towards the oposite goal

56th min.:

..but the match is still a little choppy for the HSV

60th min.:

Troche is coming for Aogo

62nd min.:

the HSV is interrupting the Werder attacks a little earlier but some still find their way… but its getting better… thumbs up!

64th min.:

Petric lies off the field and is treated by the medics

65th min.:

Graavgard en danger!!! almost own goal!

66th min.:


67th min.:

Demel and Olic bring us back in the game! 1-1

70th min.:

Silva goes into the book – yellow card!

72nd min.:

Diego is the actor of the day and gets a free kick right in front of our goal… misses! 😀

73rd min.:

the match is getting physical again!

75th min.:

the HSV is now in attack  mode!

77th min.:

…but the defence still with some holes 😦

80th min.:

HSV has to boost the pace in order to rattle Werder out of their firm positions

82nd min.:

nice move by Pitroipa towards Werder’s goal but offside unfortunately

84th min.:

a Werder player makes a dive and another freekick for Bremen… safe!

87th min.:

looks like we are heading for extension time


Red card for Jarolim!!!  Emotions are errupting!!!!

We are in for 30 mins of additional time and the HSV now has to play with only 10 players… 😦

Ok… now it’s on!!! We’ll kick these little acting Werder divas to hell!!

…OK, sorry but I’m off commenting! tihs is too exciting now! …later


1 Response to “My Tip: 3-0”

  1. 1 boedpoed
    April 23, 2009 at 1:26 pm

    Cool! 🙂

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