Premiere: B.o.p.o. of the Week

Here´s the deal. Originally we wanted to have a b.o.p.o. of the week. So we would award a person whether it´s famous, infamous or none-famous. But who could be the first one to get that special honour to be the first ever nominated b.o.p.o. of the week brought to you exclusively here at boedpoed? Tough decision!

So who is supposed to receive that honour? To tell you the truth: no one except ME. Come on, it´s my blog under my dictatorship and therefore I award myself to be the first b.o.p.o. of the week. Pussied out lately? I certainly did. Bitched out lately? I certainly did. So did I qualify myself to get that special award. I certainly did. Just go ahead and read the previous entries here at boedpoed and you get a hint why? 😀
Anyways. Now you can go and praise the pussy / bitch.

P.S. I fooled you guys. I´m just the king of blogs and you are punk’ed!!! Hence we´re still awaiting the premiere.


1 Response to “Premiere: B.o.p.o. of the Week”

  1. 1 roundcubicle
    April 4, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    I always knew that this would happend some day, but I never imagined it’ll be so soon: you’r just nuts my friend!

    btw I nominate Hoffenheim for b.o.p.o of the week! they made their shorts wet even before they stood on the field… totally p.o.ed! 😀

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